To every Mother, With Love. Happy Mother’s Day!

“A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.”
There’s an old adage about motherhood that states, “All mothers are working mothers.” Well, we couldn’t agree more. There are so many job titles a mother holds that don’t pay a salary: teacher, confidante, friend, protector, advisor - and so much more. Mothers are the ultimate mentors, not only for their own children, but they also serve as pillars of the neighborhood, providing support and guidance for their community. Every second Sunday of May, we celebrate these remarkable women for their strength, wisdom and unconditional love. Because in every child’s life, moms are the ultimate MVPs!
Baking with Mom

The kitchen can be a special place for mothers and their children. It’s a place to teach, to encourage creativity, and of course, to share in precious moments of laughter and fun! Don’t think of yourself as a fantastic cook? Who cares! You won’t remember the exact flavor of the cake, but you’ll always remember the time spent together. So this Mother’s Day, take some time for culinary creativity in the kitchen. We’ve got two new recipes perfect to bring a smile to the entire family. These classic cookies are some of our childhood favorites, and now you can make them right in your kitchen!
These homemade Milanos consist of a generous portion of Szauce layered between two fluffy shortbread cookies. You’ll love this fresh take on a classic! Click here for the recipe.
No matter how old we get, there’s a kid in all of us that loves dipping oreos into a glass of milk. Delight your kids AND your inner child with this homemade oreo recipe! Click here for the recipe.

Gifts for Mom
Custom Local Gift Basket
As always, we love to work with you to create a custom gift basket suited perfectly to your mother’s taste. We know every mother/child bond is unique, so we’re happy to create a special basket of sweetness specifically for your mom! Get more info on our custom baskets here.
Get more info on OSF gift sets here.

Taza Gift Basket

Treat mom to something extra sweet this year with this collection of Taza favorites. Taza is one of the key ingredients in our famous Szauce, helping to give it that ultra rich, chocolaty flavor. We love this gift basket full of Taza staples, and of course, a jar of Szauce! Click here to shop.


Anastasia Karloutsos
Anastasia Karloutsos