Our products are made with love by hand in small batches, to assure highest quality standards.

Our products are made  with love by hand in small batches, to assure highest quality standards.

Our family recipes aren’t just food on a plate, they’re love in a bowl, literal food for the soul. We always thought that the taste of homemade couldn't be bottled. And then 'the jar' happened. Well, at first we didn’t even realize that the jar had “happened”; it was just a way to say “happy summer” to some dear friends.

But it was what was in the jar that made all the difference.


The Spirit of Thanksgiving: Recipes and Traditions

November 26, 2014

  For us, the spirit of Thanksgiving represents so much more than a celebratory meal; the holiday is characterized by the same fundamental values and special feelings that our small company was founded on. The feelings of family, love, gratitude and tradition. We cherish this time of year, and to help make your celebration even sweeter, we’re sharing a few of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes to complement the turkey, including side dishes, desserts and post meal drinks. We wish you and your loved ones the warmest of holidays. Enjoy! Walnut Salad This crisp, wholesome salad adds a touch of sweetness to delight all of your guests, and serves as a perfect side addition to the main course. One package of...

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Holiday Gift Ideas

November 10, 2014

Can you feel it in the air? It’s that time of the year again! The everyday ambience of life has changed; lights are strung, spirits are high and an overwhelming feeling of jollyness radiates from every street corner. As you prepare to gather ideas for gifting this year, from stocking stuffers, presents for dear friends or your corporate Christmas party, we’ve compiled a collection of ideas to add an extra sweet touch to gift-giving season. Hampton Road Gift Set The Hampton Road, $15, collection includes one 4-ounce jar of our rich, creamy Szauce and a small bag of maple-glazed Nutsz, both tucked into a beautiful carrying box that can easily be nestled into a gift bag or topped with a...

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Discover Autumn on the East End

October 30, 2014

The other day, I was talking with a close friend and fellow Hamptons year-rounder.  When she referred to the East End as a resort town, it made me pause for a minute because, having lived in Southampton for over a decade, I never think about this diverse and multi-layered network of towns and villages in those terms. Sure, Coopers and Main Beaches swell with weekenders and house guests every August, the ocean shores are lined with summer cottages, manicured mansions and tennis courts, while Wall Street hotshots and movie stars can be spotted at the grocery stores and farm stands. But the flashy, tourist attracting bling of the rich and famous is only one small part of what makes Long...

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Sweet Recipes for the Soul

September 22, 2014

The first gusts of fresh autumn air have been rolling off the Atlantic, and it has us in the mood for cozy sweaters, anything pumpkin flavored, and staying in to bake fresh, homemade indulgences. We’ve listed some of our favorite recipes-from-scratch below to satisfy any sweet tooth in your home. These savory dishes will delight your kids, party guests or, quite simply, yourself!   Reward your little ones with a homemade treat! From our family to yours, enjoy the following natural, wholesome yet absolutely delectable desserts...   Florentines A sweet Italian classic ½ c. Heavy Cream ½ c. Sugar 3 tbs. Butter bring to a boil remove from heat 1 ¼ c. finely chopped almonds 1/3 c. flour cookie sheet...

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