Our products are made with love by hand in small batches, to assure highest quality standards.

Our products are made  with love by hand in small batches, to assure highest quality standards.

Our family recipes aren’t just food on a plate, they’re love in a bowl, literal food for the soul. We always thought that the taste of homemade couldn't be bottled. And then 'the jar' happened. Well, at first we didn’t even realize that the jar had “happened”; it was just a way to say “happy summer” to some dear friends.

But it was what was in the jar that made all the difference.


Hello, Summertime!

June 13, 2015

From savoring fresh produce from local Farmer’s Markets to spending Saturdays with your toes in the sand, there are a million reasons to love sweet summertime. We hope you take advantage of all the wonderful things this sunshine-y season has to offer. Whether it’s spending more time in the kitchen, taking more family picnics, or getting to know your local farmer, we’re bringing you ways to fully embrace summer 2015. Bring on the sunshine!   Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches A summertime classic, ice cream sandwiches are a staple of the season. In lieu of the store bought goodies, try making these homemade ice cream sandwiches right in your very own kitchen. They’re super simple to prepare, and the kids will...

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Celebrating the Bump! Baby Shower Party Ideas

June 01, 2015

  When you’re an expecting mother, your “list” can seem endless -- decorate the baby room, choose a pediatrician, assemble the baby gear -- and so forth. And there’s so much to buy before your little bundle of joy arrives. But luckily, friends and family are there to help before the big day! The tradition of the baby shower is an incredible way to shower the mommy-to-be with gifts, motherhood necessities, advice and a little much-needed pampering! You don’t need to be a professional party planner to organize a wonderful shower. We’ve pulled some of our favorite festive themes, DIY decor, an amazing party recipe and, of course, customized shower favors to thank your guests for their love and support....

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To every Mother, With Love. Happy Mother’s Day!

April 30, 2015

“A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.”   There’s an old adage about motherhood that states, “All mothers are working mothers.” Well, we couldn’t agree more. There are so many job titles a mother holds that don’t pay a salary: teacher, confidante, friend, protector, advisor - and so much more. Mothers are the ultimate mentors, not only for their own children, but they also serve as pillars of the neighborhood, providing support and guidance for their community. Every second Sunday of May, we celebrate these remarkable women for their strength, wisdom and unconditional love. Because in every child’s life, moms are the ultimate MVPs!   Baking with Mom The kitchen can be a special place for mothers and...

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Celebrate Earth: DIY Ways to Reuse your OSF Mason Jars

April 21, 2015

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi There’s a man in Southampton that wakes up every morning and makes his way around the neighborhood. He’s not wandering aimlessly, but rather, with a small but noble purpose: picking up waste on the road, and he’s doing so of his own free will. The service he provides might seem minute in the grand scale of the planet, but it represents something so much larger. It’s one person doing his small part to keep Earth beautiful.   Every year, we gather to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, rising to show our appreciation and love for the planet we all call home. And while Earth Day is...

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